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Barcelona Village


Bicing is Barcelona's incredibly popular bicycle transport scheme. Around the city are Bicing parks. If you have a card, you swipe it and take a bike and have it free for 30 minutes.

The bike parks are now all around the city and there are Bicing maps in public locations like metro stations. The idea is to pick up a bike. Cycle to where you want to go and then leave the bike at the closest station when you arrive. Since Barcelona is comparatively small geographically, it's perfectly feasible to cycle from the outskirts to the centre or vice versa for free. To do this you need to be registered with a bici-card (

Once or twice you might find a bike with gears or saddle that don't work, but you put them back and take another. It's incredibly easy. My main problem is often finding somewhere to park - particularly when travelling to a new part of the city.


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